50 White Oriental Lilies

With their dazzling appearance and delightful scent, they make quite an impression at all times

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All our flowers and roses are cut specially for you, your loved one or special event wedding, party, fundraising event, birthday or holiday , 3 days before they are delivered to your door

Color tones for all flowers and roses may vary due to the computer monitor and/or Mother Nature.

Globalrose sells wholesale flowers and wholesale roses at prices that are usually lower than most local wholesalers

Please carefully remove the pollen from the flowers

Please make sure to set your delivery date 4 days prior to the event to give the flowers enough time to open

They come in a wide range of colors usually with 3 to 6 blooms per stem

This box contains 50 individual Stems 3 t 5 blooms of 26 -28 long white oriental Lillies

Your flowers and roses are shipped absolutely fresh, direct from the greenhouses to you via FedEx


224.95 USD

Fromage Gourmand to Bulgaria

Bottle of Imported Dry White Wine 750 ml - Imported Blue Cheese 125 gr - Cheddar Cheese 150 gr - Italian Cheese 150 gr - Westminster Cheese 150 gr
314.95 USD

Sweetness Reigns to Monaco

Box of dry fruits and nuts mix 45 gr - Pack of toffee covered roasted almonds 45 gr - Gourmet garlic cheese 110 gr - Box of Walkers Pure
325.00 USD

Toy Storage Chest Personalized with

Espresso Toy Box Calligraphy Lettering - This unique toy chest safe, sturdy and suitable for all children! Give your child a special personalized gift, that will last a lifetime, and
399.95 USD

Ultimate Indulgence Gift Basket to

Cognac Hennessy VSOP 500 ml - Dark Chocolate Bar 100 gr - Box of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates 150 gr - European Biscuits with Chocolate 150 gr - Box of
269.95 USD

Jack Daniels Gift Basket to

Jack Daniels Whiskey 750 ml - Water Crackers - Package of Almonds 100 gr - Package of Phistashio nuts 100 gr - Walkers Cookies 150 gr
219.95 USD

Peaceful Bouquet to Spain

Bouquet of pink roses, pink carnations and purple hyacinth with greenery - Gift Wrapping - Greeting Card.
349.95 USD

Connoisseurs Passion to Kenya

Quality European Cognac 500 ml - Lindt Chocolate Bar 100 gr - Truffles 100 gr - Imported Shortbread Cookies 150 gr - Basket - Gift Wrapping - Greeting Card.
459.95 USD

The Golden Gourmet to Malaysia

Bottle of Imported Dry Red Wine 750 ml - Gourmet salami 170 gr - Box of gourmet smoked salmon 55 gr - Box of dry fruits and nuts mix
397.99 USD


Serene and elegant, express your condolences and grief with this fresh floral arrangement crafted from the freshest seasonal flowers in pastel colors.
230.00 USD

240 Fresh Cut Pink Tulips

Wholesale Pink Tulip Flowers. Absolutely fresh Flowers Tulip Flowers. All our Wholesale Pink Tulip Flowers are harvest in environmental friendly greenhouses, using the latest equipment offered, so we can
219.99 USD

Classic Elegance

This lovely design combining style and beauty in the form of scented lilies and vibrant red roses, will perfectly compliment your loved ones home or office. Approximately 14 inches W
513.00 USD

100 Creamy White Peonies

If you're Buying Peonies then be sure to consider this intoxicatingly fragrant flower! Gorgeously scented, its hard to say what is more alluring about Buying Peonies their looks or their
312.00 USD

14 Centerpieces Roses

Lush and exuberant of vibrant colors are our Aster and Roses Wedding Reception Table Centerpieces. The combination of the pink, orange, yellow, lavender and red flowers dance together, creating a
287.99 USD

Elegant Farewell

An elegant and beautiful way to send your deepest wishes of sympathy with this exquisite spray made up of roses, lilies, delphinium, iris, lisianthus and evergreen, laced with a fancy
224.00 USD

36 Red Roses Gift Box

p Nothing says romance quite like 36 long stem red roses. T span his spectacular gift box of red roses, with their /span span /span robust
233.00 USD

200 Fresh Cut Dark Red

Dark red velvety roses with black shadings. They bloom slowly, showing a vivid deep vermillion color, with blackish shadings on the outer petals.A box contains 8 bunches of 25 roses
289.99 USD

White Wreath

A wreath symbolizes eternal life. Pay your respects with this beautiful wreath arrangement of white roses.
219.00 USD

36 Mauve Roses Gift Box

p 36 long-stemmed mauve purple roses in our signature gift box. /p p A symbol of virtue, purity and loyalty, these richly coloured roses are grown in the
363.00 USD

200 Yellow/Peach Rainbow Roses

A delicate combination of a yellow and peach Rainbow rose. A box contains 8 bunches of 25 roses each. Roses are 20 - 22 inches long. All orders must
233.00 USD

72 Light Brown Garden Roses

This product needs to be ordered at least one week before delivery date. Supplies are limited. Caramel Antike is a vanilla color, lighter towards the edges and darker in the
234.99 USD


Serene and elegant, express your condolences and grief with this fresh floral arrangement crafted from the freshest seasonal flowers in pastel colors.
201.00 USD

250 Roses of Your Choice

This box contains 10 bunches of 25 roses each. You can choose your exact variety break down. Your choice of color. In step 3 on this page you can choose
1072.00 USD

Delightful Wedding Combo

The wedding D.I.Y design it yourself Lovely combo contains 200 green roses , plus 120 stems of Mini Green Hydrangeas, 120 stems of dark purple Mini callas
362.00 USD

70 Fresh Cut Fuchsia Peonies

Have you ever seen a peony in bloom Absolutely breathtaking. The wave-like petals in full bloom are like sitting in the middle of a beach, watching the ocean softly
211.95 USD


Make them blush with this stunning gift of glorious blooms. 10 Stems of rusted pink Asiatic Lilies are beautifully accented with green hydrangea and lush greens perfectly arranged in a
731.00 USD

140 Fresh Cut Pink Peonies

Peonies For Sale of course! This corpulent bloom will astonish onlookers by its sheer size. Yet there's more to its allure, the unusual shape of guard and silvered edged petals
219.00 USD

36 Red Roses gift Box

p Quality is rarely a coincidence. We choose each rose individually for its colour and form. With care throughout its fifteen-week growing time, it reaches an outstanding seventy-centimetre stem.
202.99 USD

Royal Romance

Worth a kings ransom comes this extravagantly luxurious collection of red and pink roses arranged in a vase, surrounded with equicetos and accompanied with a box of chocolates.